Weather in Nassfeld is influenced by Italy’s proximity which gives Austria an unusual stability when it comes to good weather, both in summer and winter. The total 300 sunny days a year make Nassfeld the sunniest resort in Austria. Winter snow is guaranteed in Nassfeld, as well as 100 hours of extra sunlight when compared to other regions. In summer, the pleasant climate offers fantastic conditions for swimming in valley lakes, or having a good walk around the hills.

Weather in Nassfeld online.

With the benefit of webcams, you can monitor current weather in Nassfeld online:

Pressegger See

An interactive 360° panoramic camera, located directly at the banks of the Pressegger See lake. The shot provides you with information on temperature, humidity and wind speed, as well as with links to other cameras.

the pressegger see panorama


The camera offers the best view of the entire Nassfeld resort. It takes pretty much the entire pass, providing a view all the way to the Italian border. The interactive shot is updated every 30 minutes.

gartnerkofel camera


 Actual weather